Nice To Meet You👋🏽


Before I ventured into UX design, I started off in finance. Working at two large banks, I felt the pain firsthand of working with legacy systems that were twice as old as me. In one of my roles, I was a Senior Analyst who worked to help the bank transition to a new General Ledger system. 

This new transition brought in a system that had many more capabilities but was not very user-friendly. I saw the outcome of bad UX design - lost productivity, frustration, as well as costs. For every user who could not complete a specified function in the system because of barriers in the task flow, our small team took on the responsibility of showing them the workarounds.

The frustration of working on a system that wasn't designed with actual users in mind led me to spend a lot of my time working to improve it. From there, I learned the value of creating a feedback loop so that design decisions are made based on data and user responses.

After leaving Finance, I enrolled in BrainStation's UX diploma program. This was an intensive three-month boot camp. In this program, I developed skills such as UX research, user interviews, wireframing, prototyping and UI design. All of which were applied to my capstone project, Solecheck.

When I'm not designing, I'm either reading, learning blues songs on my guitar, or exploring new places.